Hi! We’re a team of indie developers with a shared mission: to keep your website data in your hands.

We founded Microanalytics.io to solve a problem millions of us are facing, and usually we don’t know about it: big corporations using widespread digital surveillance tools to track what we do online.

Some of the most widely used analytics platforms operate from across the Atlantic, where privacy laws are much weaker - and that means that pretty much anybody can use them to identify you.

And while we were at it, we realised website analytics could be simpler, too. Much simpler.

So that’s what we created: simplicity. An easy to use, privacy-focussed alternative to the big analytics platforms that keeps everyone anonymous and puts you in charge.

Since we’re independent and entirely self-funded, we don’t have investors who can dictate what we do. Our business model isn’t based on selling or sharing your data, or breaching your visitors’ privacy in any way. That means we can focus 100% of our time on one thing: making Microanalytics.io a simple, secure and positive experience for the people who use it.

Keeping your data safe

Our server is hosted with OVH and located in a data center in France, so it’s covered by EU privacy laws - the strongest in the world. We’re compliant with GDPR, PECR and CCPA regulations.

Improving your website with better code

The Microanalytics script (the code you install on your website to make the analytics work) is tiny - around 50 times smaller than the Google Analytics tag. So it helps your SEO, by making your website load faster, and you don’t need to bother your website visitors with an invasive ‘install cookies’ popup.

Reducing your carbon footprint

We're green, too; Microanalytics.io is powered entirely by renewable energy. And because our script is so lightweight, our impact on the planet is minimal. Microanalytics reduces your carbon emissions by as much as 50kg for every 100,000 monthly visitors.

Questions? Suggestions? Our door is open! Get in touch here.